Artist Spotlight: Anna Pihan

Anna Pihan

Anna is a film photographer who shares her time between Australia and Europe, capturing the beautiful subtleties of land, ocean, and leisure that most overlook. Find out what she's been up to, and how she's evolved as a photographer through her travels.

I know you generally split time between Australia and Europe. How has COVID affected your work, and what have you been doing to stay motivated and active?

Although COVID has changed the way I work with the withdrawal of international travel, it has opened up time to work on dream projects. Over the last year I am pleased to announce my very first book — The Pleasure of Leisure — in collaboration with Dutch artist Milou Neelen of Hotel Magique. A transportive, leisure-filled book with photography and illustrations, taking viewers from Samoa, Australia, and to Italy.

How long have you been taking photos? At what point did you decide you wanted to make photography your full-time profession?

I have been photographing for a while. It has developed naturally over time and I am forever learning as I continue to practice what I love. 

Anna Pihan

What does your process look like? Do you spend time exploring before shooting or do you just go with the flow and have your camera on you at all times for that opportune time?

Before a trip away I like to research the area — find places I’d like to see and get a general feel about a place through books and on the web. The hotels I stay at also play a significant part — chosen for aesthetic details like the style of chair in the courtyard, a view, the architectural structure, or the colour of an umbrella. When I’ve arrived, I’m on foot for hours — it’s the perfect mode of transport as I can explore at my own pace. Wandering with my cameras and plenty of 35mm film, led by curiosity; naturally observing and photographing moments along the way.

Anna Pihan Marrakech Tennis Court

You have some beautiful tennis court photographs from Marrakech. What is it about tennis courts that draws you in?

There’s something so leisurely about tennis. I'm forever indulging in the pleasure of leisure and I’m drawn to the court for that feeling. The tennis court in Marrakech was where it all began.. The scene couldn’t have been more imperfectly perfect — the all ochre court, with the top of a palm reaching above the walls and broom laying over the court. 

Anna Pihan - Bondi Beach Icebergs

What’s your favorite season in Australia and why?

The last month of summer — February. Days are long with balmy nights, the ocean is warmer after a few sunny months and the holidays have ended, only locals remaining.

What are your plans as soon as you can travel again?

Oh, so many travel plans but for now I’m making the most of seeing more of my own beautiful country — Australia and searching for more tennis courts along the way, photographing (always), and working on more collaborations.

To see Anna's collection of prints click here. Be sure to follow her along her journey @annapihan