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Curated Artwork

We realize people have many options for where to buy art. Our goal is to deliver a catalog that focuses on quality art that's accessible. We became frustrated as fans first, when sifting through numerous pages of art online, and nothing really spoke to us. When curating each collection we ask, “is this something we would personally love to have in our home?” If we can’t endorse it with confidence then you won’t find it here. Our catalog is an extension of our values and sensibilities, that we hope you will enjoy as well.


There's an abundance of talented visual artists around the world. Many of them do not have an adequate platform to share their greatest work in a tangible form. We serve to bridge this gap; allowing artists to focus on their craft while we deliver ready-to-hang gallery quality art to your home.

Practically Priced

Fine art is typically associated with luxury and inflated prices, often times not accessible to most that genuinely appreciate it. Our purpose is to change this landscape, making high quality art accessible to a wider audience. Artwork should be enjoyed in more homes with pricing that makes sense. We enable the artists we work with the ability to see a worthwhile return, while offering reasonably priced artwork to our customers.

Crafted to Last

We believe in delivering a final product that you will be proud of for years to come. With that, we partner with suppliers that are conscious of holding the same values that we do when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. From our paper types to frame moulding, we use premium materials that will stand the test of time. Our frames are handmade to order using real wood in our US based factories.

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